Monday, January 11, 2016

RIP David Bowie

This particular arrangement is, in my opinion at least, the perfected version of this song.

Sad day. The Man Who Feel to Earth has returned to where he came from. As is often the case when we lose an artist we love we binge their music, scrambling suddenly to acquire some of the albums we may have put off buying. In Bowie's case there are SO MANY I don't have them all, you probably don't either (although some of you most certainly do). If you're looking to celebrate the life of this wonderful, wonderful artist by adding to your Bowie collection I strongly recommend purchasing his 2003 album Reality and the accompanying double live disc from that tour.

Reality is BY FAR my favorite Bowie album - and that's saying something because I really like Bowie. It is the most original and unique of his work, in my opinion. The live disc is 33 career-spanning tracks, many of which have been re-worked, re-arranged and re-vitalized. Loving the Alien is a great example of that, but there's also an unbelievable arrangement on Earthling's I'm Afraid of Americans and Outside's Motel.


Tommy said...

That Reality tour was the first and only time i ever got to see Bowie perform live, and it's one of the best shows i've ever seen in my life. He played everything. It was perfect. It was amazing. I screamed my head off like a little school girl. I don't think any other artist will ever affect me the way that Bowie did.

Scott Ricketts said...

I've been a pre "Let's Dance" guy for ages. "Station to Station" is my go to album, but oddly "This is Not America" has had heavy rotation today.

Vincenzo Fidato said...

Thanks for sharing this, Shawn, I look forward to hearing the rest of the tracks. Saw Bowie a couple of times ages ago. Sad today , yes, and being a pre "Let's Dance" fan, (don't get me wrong, appreciative of his creativity all-around), I liked all the early albums - remember Pin Ups? - driving around listened to it over and over a year or so ago, revisiting that creativity. Ironically, and not thinking of him, I bought my first 12-string at an estate sale Sunday, the day before he passed.