Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Unseen Twin Peaks...

I caught wind of this a few hours ago and took to FB and twitter right away. Wanted to post here as well, as this is pretty much the running record of the parts of my brain that consume and have a relationship with media. 

David Lynch has officially left the Twin Peaks revival because Showtime will not provide the budget he feels the show will require to do properly. I'm normally weary of hashtags but I'm taking to social media with a few to voice my displeasure (read: abject sorrow) and try to goad showtime into righting their wrong. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could reiterate these tags on FB, twitter, Instagram... wherever.

‪#‎fuckshowtime #‎givelynchthemoney‬ #‎savetwinpeaks‬

OR... a couple years ago the head of Netflix voiced interest in bringing this - among a lot of other shows - back. They did with Arrested Development and incurred quite a bit of good will doing so, showing they're superior attitude to major terrestrial television networks (things of the past). So how about Netflix swoops in and takes Twin Peaks and Lynch away from showtime? That'd give them another huge boost in good will and show their superiority to cable networks as well.

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