Thursday, April 23, 2015

HELP identify this song - It's not Pallbearer

This is driving me crazy. So I have been meaning to check out the band Pallbearer for some time but they consistently fall off my radar. Earlier today a good friend told me I needed to check them out, that he had fallen in love with them when he saw them live recently. I go to youtube, find this link and fall in love with it immediately, then realize that A) there's only about 2:18 of the hour long track that has sound on it and B) that it's not Pallbearer. I've tried figuring this out with Sound Hound and Shazam - no luck. The style sounds so familiar but I can't place the band or song definitely enough to dig that last stretch to an answer so any one out there that can give me any info on this it would be very greatly appreciated!

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