Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Iska Dhaaf - General Malaise

Tommy from the ever diligent Heaven is an Incubator posted an amazing piece about SXSW today over on Joup. In it he covers a full week of SXSW happenings in the way that only someone who lives in Austin and has been attending the, ahem*, "festival" for a long time can. You won't see any "It" band blow jobs here; Tommy covers everything equally, spending as much time in the less publicized venues with the less hyped bands as he does with the hype monsters that deserve it.

Case in point: Iska Dhaaf. I'd never heard of them before. As I began going through the names of bands he lists and checking into them for myself I really hit a very particular frequency with these guys. This song is one of the reasons why. They're on bricklanerecords and are very much worth looking into, as this track is only the tip of the iceberg based on my research thus far.

Thanks Tommy!

*Sorry, haven't been, always wanted to go but about six months ago when, while applying for a place playing there I found I had to write an essay about what it would mean to me to play there, SXSW quickly became as eye rolling as Coachella to me. I've never been to either and although there's no way I'll ever do Coachella I would absolutely do SXSW - despite the "essay" thing - if I could hang out with Tommy.

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Tommy said...

There is so much about SXSW that annoys the shit out of me, but there is still always something cool or fun to be found somewhere, even if it's some sort of unofficial party/gathering somewhere. I love how much stuff i'm able to take in despite never buying a wristband or badge. You really don't need to. It seems that half of the bands playing around town are here in an unofficial capacity themselves. And honestly, that's where i have the best time. That's where i see bands like Iska Dhaaf. Shawn, someday you need to come down and join the melee.