Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sunn 0))) + Ulver

This has been out for some time, and I've dabbled a bit with it before, however it was not until this morning that I really gave Terrestrials a good, solid listen. After uneasy dreams of London I found myself awake at a ridiculous hour - ridiculous when faced with the reality that Saturday is one of the only two days I have to sleep in - and in the hazy, marine-layered morning air I found this collaboration between Sunn 0))) and atmospheric black metal liaison Ulver the perfect soundtrack to quietly sipping a pot of strong, black coffee and re-reading key sections of Richard Kieckhefer's Forbidden Rites: A Necromancer's Manual of the Fifteenth Century while researching the next chapter of my Beneath the Panels: Nameless series.

"... the rites contained in this compendium illustrate strikingly the links between magical practice and orthodox liturgy. The analogy I will use is that of a tapestry whose dislay side implies a reverse side; so too, a society that ascribes a high degree of power to ritual and its users will invite the development of unofficial and transgressive ritual, related in form to its official counterpart, however sharply it may differ in its uses."

-Richard Kieckhefer, page 3 of the introduction.

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