Saturday, January 3, 2015

Soundgarden - HIV Baby

Mr. Brown recently sent me the Soundgarden rarities Echo of Miles. Honestly, Soundgarden was one of my favorite bands back in the day and those albums, Badmotorfinger, Super Unknown and Down on the Upside will always be among my favorites of the 90s. When I get in the mood I usually tear into them for days. When King Animal came out two years ago I was resistant, mostly due to that awful song that wound up on The Avengers ST. Eventually I came around - I dig King Animal for what it is but I don't think I'll ever stop believing that the only real reason Soundgarden are back together is money. Anyway, regardless of all of that, Echo of Miles, a 50-song set spread over three discs, is fantastic! All truly rarities and mostly from back in the time when they were a fully functioning band, and an awesome one at that. This track, previously the B-Side to my all-time favorite SG track Room A Thousand Years Wide, is one standout on a fifty song set of, honestly, a lot of standouts.

And is it me, or did an awful lot of bands have songs about HIV or crack babies in the 90s? Perhaps someone needs to update this concept with "Bath salts baby" for the youth of today, hm?

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