Thursday, December 25, 2014

PO'Boy Special - Barely Gettin' By e.p.

Full disclosure: the guitar player/chief songwriter of Po'Boy Special is one of my oldest, dearest friends. But you know, I go so far back with Anthony Barraco that in a way, in the passage of daily life and how it congeals unexpectedly into block of years, decades and then finally, a life, without ever really granting any quarter, well, the Anthony that recorded this record only really overlaps with the Anthony I know a little bit. When we do manage to see each other - once a year at best - we're in catch up, so it wasn't until this past October that I was ever able to relax my trip home a bit and actually see this band - a relatively new band for Anthony - in an intimate practice setting. Not a performance, but a practice, foibles and all. It was amazing, and now that I hear the recorded version of the band I'm really just left speechless. Anthony's not only quite an amazing songwriter but he engineered this at his home on the south side.


The Barely Gettin' By e.p. is available for FREE download on Po'Boy's bandcamp HERE.

You should hear these guys live if you get a chance - they play Double Door, HOB and Hard Rock Cafe on a somewhat consistent basis that seems to only be ramping up. Their cover of Roy Hawkins's The Thrill Is Gone - probably best known performed by, for now, BB King - is just unbelievable.

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