Sunday, November 16, 2014


While reading the 1983 Storm and Illyana: Magik series this morning I came across a ton of great, nostalgia-inducing ads, as one always does when reading comics from the 80s. This particular one really grabbed my imagination. I don't remember it, don't remember anyone that ever had a Zorcom spaceship, wanted one of even talked about it. But still, this was a thing! To the point that if you look at the copyright at the bottom of the page there (which will most likely be impossible to see even if you can stretch this image) its copyrighted to Zorcom Industries.

There was a place, maybe in an office building, renting a suite, named Zorcom Enterprises, Inc.! Only in the 80s!*

Anyway, there's also an ad for sending away to receive the Zorcom Adventure tapes. After a little snooping around online I found that someone indeed had uploaded this to soundcloud. Truly EVERYTHING is online somewhere, thus furthering my theory that the internet is now actually the physical manifestation of the human collective unconscious.

Enjoy the Zorcom audio series! And if you finish part one and have to know how it all turns out, go to capeofdracula's page on soundcloud, give 'em a follow and dig in for more laser-studded adventures!


*Okay, probably not - most likely this was run out of someone's garage, but still!

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