Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mastodon - High Road

I wasn't very keen on this band at first. Then my friend Tori gave me Leviathan about two years ago and it sat in my itunes, which of course is bloated with more tracks than I could ever work around to (though I'm certainly having fun trying!). I gave Leviathan a few perfunctory listens but as with a lot of metal, it didn't penetrate at first. I was hearing the 'metal' but not the subtleties. Then a couple months ago I really fell into the habit of listening to a lot of metal at work - it helps quicken my tempo in the early, early morning, works almost as good as coffee. Now Leviathan is a couple-times-a-week fav and I'm in the market for the rest of their catalogue, so this new track from upcoming record Once More 'Round the Sun (6/24) comes at a perfect time in my life.

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