Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rue Morgue Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Prom Queen's Murder

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The newest issue of Rue Morgue is on the newsstand and as you can no doubt discern from the picture it has a nice, juicy Twin Peaks cover story in honor of the 25 year anniversary of the night Special Agent Dale Cooper opened that mason jar of scorched engine oil and entered the waiting room via Glastonbury Grove and its circle of twelve sycamore trees. Now, if you've been reading about Twin Peaks for a long time as I have - pretty much since it aired - the Rue Morgue story is not too much that you haven't heard before. But it's done really well and there are some unique insights by Ray Wise, Sheryl Lee and Jennifer Lynch. And unlike Fangoria, which sadly pretty much blows - or at least did the last time I checked - Rue Morgue is a fantastic horror mag that I don't get to read often enough. There's also a great article on Oculus, a movie I think I was unfairly dismissing due to billboard proliferation around LA but after reading said article I'm actually looking forward to.

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