Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nick Cage in a Bear Suit. Boots Randolph. 'Nuff Said

I'm a big fan of Boots Randolph's Yakety Sax. Hell, once you get past the goofiness that's been permanently tattooed onto Randolph's music you begin to see how it is a fairly uplifting take on life. If everything can be reduced to the kind of basic hilarity that Benny Hill trafficked in, the daily absurdities of life set to a soundtrack that really took the piss out of it and all its self importance, Randolph is the one who can do it with his squirrely horn and mocking compositions.

Branching out from here, to take what is the goofiest, squirreliest movie I've seen since The Room and string together all the 'good' parts to maximize the ridiculous effect it quickly becomes obvious the soundtrack to such an undertaking could really only consist of one song in particular. You guessed it, Yakety Sax.

If you've not seen this film do not go out of your way to do so until you have some friends in tow and at the very least a twelver of something good and strong. Dig in, catch a buzz and behold the quixotic madness that is Neil Labute's baffling attempt to remake Robin Hardy's The Wickeman for conventional, modern horror audiences.

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