Monday, April 28, 2014

Deftones - Entombed

I come back to this album so much that it has done that thing where, despite the fact that I love almost all of their other albums beginning with White Pony (not the re-issue with the 'rap' version of Pink Maggot) I just always go to Koi No Yokan. It's like a warm blanket of awesomeness and creative inspiration, and every time I listen to it - still!- it blows me away.


Does it Matter said...

See I am a fan of everything they put out up to and including White Pony, thankfully I have not heard the rap version of Pink Maggot. After White Pony it always sounded to me like they were kinda lost musically. Koi no Yokan was the first album they put out in a while that made me remember why I loved them in the first place, such a solid and amazing album.

Shawn C. Baker said...

I know exactly what you mean with the 'lost' feeling. It's funny because after White Pony I thought I would love their next record and I didn't. Then Saturday Night Wrist came out and I happened on it as a promo at the Borders I worked at at the time. I brought it home and again pined for White Pony. Then a late night session with my friend Jacob saw him marvel at what I'd been missing with 'Wrist". We sat down and listened to it and I heard it in an entirely new light. There is such a wide-open longing , an almost aquatic lushness that hangs over that record... it gets a little goofy at then end but it earns it.
Then Diamond Eyes. Wow, floored me first listen, especially Sex Tape. If you dig Koi I urge you to go back and at least give Diamond Eyes another chance - I believe Koi is the perfected version of what they were doing on that one.
That first record after White Pony still leaves me a little hollow - I actually forget about it most of the time, thus my not even taking into account how I feel about it when I wrote this post initially.

Shawn C. Baker said...

And that rap version of PM is horrible - I believe at some point I read something where the band basically said, "Our bad - we let the label talk us into that because of the raprock phenomenon (which was anything but phenomenal)