Monday, March 24, 2014

New X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer

No, it won't be as good as the comic. But yes, I think it will be good in its own right. And just what do I base this on? Well, I didn't hate X3 as much as most (over-stuffed yes but they killed my two least favorite characters, Scott and Charles, so I was happy). And then First Class surprised the hell out of me. And honestly, I'm digging the translation of these characters to the big screen. Marvel has lit the fire under everyone who has perpetuity rights over their franchises to actually try and make movies that are smart, inventive and continuity-based and really, DOFP along with the near rapid-fire announcements concerning 2016's Xmen: Apocalypse would appear to be great steps along the road that Fox really wants to be a X-Men movie universe that rivals Marvel's movie universe. They'll never get it as good, but it's sure fun to see them trying!

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