Friday, January 31, 2014


I made the acquaintance of most of the members of Vishuda back in July at the Summer Slaughter show at the HOB Sunset edition. I subsequently became facebook friends with Michael the bass player and have systematically bitched out on seeing them live ever since (it's not entirely my fault, of the half-a-dozen or so shows they've played since I was out of town for two of them and working for another - just saying). In a random facebook snafu earlier I was reminded of my oversight and found myself searching youtube to see if footage existed as the band is currently - I believe - in the process of recording their debut record.

What I found isn't the best footage, but it's the content that interests me to no end. I really dig the sound and style here and think that both on recording and in the flesh these guys probably command total props and attention.

You can check out more about Vishuda on their very elegant website here.

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