Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thought Forms - Only Hollow

Evolution of a post:

3 days ago I pulled out Portishead's album Third. Easily my favorite by the band and an all around masterpiece in my opinion. During the listening experience I vaguely remembered reading about Geoff Barrow having another band.

2 days ago I remembered that I remembered Geoff Barrow having another band and vowed to look it up.

1 day ago I watched the new episode of Breaking Bad and thought about nothing else before or after due to its awesomeness stretching both backwards and forwards in time.

Today: I picked up the pieces after that first episode, contemplated waiting five more days until the next one and remembered Geoff Barrow. When I began tracking it down I was side-tracked on his label Invada's website by this awesome track.

Note to self: I still need to find out about this other band Geoff Barrow is in!!!

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Tommy said...

If you're still looking for Geoff Barrow bands, the one you're thinking of is probably Beak>. He also did some synth stuff inspired by Judge Dredd called DROKK, and if you still need more, check out Anika (a singer that Barrow produces). She sounds like Nico backed by a New York No-Wave band. Awesome stuff.