Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Okay, this is both weird and awesome. Back in the middle 90's Mr. Brown found this record by an artist named MIRV titled Cosmodrome. MIRV (it's an acronym on the album cover - no idea what it stands for) was apparently a buddy of Les Claypool's who also played a few things on the record. Anyway, it's a concept record about a future where the ultimate tier as a musician was to play a place called the Cosmodrome. To do this though you had to be selected, and then you had to, um, have your face shaved off.

Awesome, eh?

Anyway, I have a dubbed cassette copy somewhere that I haven't seen in years. I never found a copy of the record in a physical record shop (believe me I looked) and now the things been off my radar so long that I'm not sure how I never tried to find it online. I just searched on ebay and amazon while typing this and found a wopping one copy on each, so it's apparently still fairly hard to come by.

The record is amazing. Very Zappa-esque, and it runs the gamut from blues to Primus-like weirdness to a crescendo - where the protagonist does indeed get selected and then have his face shaved off ("Don't be afraid, body alterations aren't that painful") that can only be described as frightening and machine-like.

So I just flipped over to youtube looking for something else, MIRV not having been on my mind in years, and here's a video from back in the day for one of the songs.

The internet truly is the human collective unconscious transmuted into tangible information.


image courtesy of artist direct

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