Saturday, August 10, 2013

Brandon Cronenberg's Antiviral

You know how David Cronenberg's films make you feel really uncomfortable with the concept of your body? The weird mesh of tech and flesh, blood and steel, wire and bone that he manipulates can sometimes be downright horrifying, sometimes freakishly hot and sometimes just WTF. Well, his son Brandon may have outdone him in his first film, Antiviral. I'm embellishing, but not by much. Currently tied with Shane Carruth's Upstream Color as my movie of the year. Antiviral is streaming on Netflix - go check it out (check out the snowcat and the radio while you're at it. Big surprise comin' to you...). But be prepared. It is a bit of a rough watch. Very much worth it though.


Tommy said...

I loved "Upstream Color," so good call on that. And i've seen "Antiviral" on Netflix, but had no idea it was Cronenberg joint (his progeny or otherwise), so i'll have to check that out. Thanks.

Shawn C. Baker said...

Yeah, You know I knew Upstream Color was going to be good because after Primer I just couldn't see Mr. Carruth making a bad film. But I was complstely unprepared for the mastery I found upon viewing it. Reminded me a bit of Darrenofsky's jump between Pi and Requiem for a Dream. Except.of.course I will re watch Upstream, and will still probably never have the nerve to watch Requiem a 2nd time.