Monday, July 22, 2013


Saturday I attended the, ahem, Summer Slaughter at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. Here's the list of bands.

Rings of Saturn
The Ocean
Cattle Decapitation
Norma Jean
Animals as Leaders
Dillinger Escape Plan

I'm currently writing a review of it for Joup - despite the ridiculous name for the tour it was a very good time. Revocation is a band I'd never heard of that I really, really liked. Here's their bandcamp. I came home from the show and looked them up, found this and downloaded it for free from the Scion AV website, which is apparently the car Scion's lifestyle marketing division or some other such nonsense. A car company with a lifestyle marketing division? This is indeed a disturbing universe in which we cohabitate with giant slug gods of the apocalypse (aka corporations). All I had to do was give them my email and I received the record for free. Not sure how this benefits the band (hopefully they all received free Scions and then they sacrificed them to the nether beasts of Metaldom) but I'm sure the corporation made it worth their while to some degree. Anyway, the album is really good, old school thrash with a death-metal twist. If you grew up with megadeth's Rust in Peace (before asshead mustaine re-recorded and ruined the vocals) or Testament's Low you'll probably dig this. Revocation's not reinventing the wheel, but maybe because I'm not aware of anything current that scratches this particular itch I'm really enjoying it. My advice: skip Scion and download it for $4.99 from the bandcamp - it's well worth it.

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