Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jacques Renault

About a year and a half, maybe two years ago I get set to go into the grocery one night. I'm by myself and it's the first time I ever think to throw my headphones in while shopping. Seems a bit weird, but what the hell, every moment with music is a moment grand. I scroll through my ipod and right hand to Maude I see the name Jacques Renault. It's a techno song (to use a super generic label because I'm tired). I listen and it's pretty damn awesome. I repeat it a second time while I shop. I have no idea how this artist or song came to be on my ipod (this isn't it - I'll find it and post it). But then I remember what became of Jacques. I remember my former roommate Tim almost beating the actor who portrayed him in Twin Peaks, Walter Olkewicz's ass. I remember Leland, duck-taping his wrist to the side of the bed. I remember...

So this is what he's been up to since Leland played "Pillow Face" with him? Cool beans. Glad to see he's made something of himself. Slimmed down a might too. Visit his soundcloud page here and check out some more cool stuff.

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